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30/5/2021 তারিখের নগর কলেজ অফিস ও লাইব্রেরীর Off line এ ছাত্র পরিষেবা দেওয়া বিষয়ক Notice এর সূত্র ধরে জানানো হচ্ছে 30/05/2021 তারিখ পর্যন্ত উক্ত off line পরিষেবাগুলি সম্পূর্ণরূপে বন্ধ থাকবে। তবে On line এর Class এবং আন‍্যান‍্য পরিষেবা চলবে। 30/5/2021তারিখে নগর কলেজ website এ notice দেওয়া হবে কোন তারিখ থেকে off line পরিষেবা পুনরায় শুরু হবে।      ***26/05/2021 তারিখ বুধবার বুদ্ধপূর্ণিমা উপলক্ষে On line class বন্ধ থাকবে। *** 



Education enlightens our knowledge. Imparting knowledge to our students on a higher level is the foremost duty when it comes to higher education. Cultivating the knowledge through different ways and imbibing it amongst the students is one such vision of the Cultural sub-committee of Nagar College.  Cultural activities help to reboot the inner talent of a student by creating various platform to show their performances with flying colors. They need motivation and support for encouraging their self-confidence. The Cultural sub-committee organizes Annual Social Programme for every student as a token of gift for their encouragement. A Fresher’s Welcome is held at the beginning of the Annual Social Programme Day every year to express warm and hearty welcome to the new admissions for the respective academic session. Preceding one week of the Annual Social Programme Day, the cultural sub-committee also organizes various cultural competitions viz. Song (Classical, Rabindrasangeet, Nazrul Geeti, Contemporary, Folksong); Poetry recitation (Tagore’s poems and Contemporary/modern poems); Dance (Classical, Contemporary, Folk dance, Music/Theme-based); Drama (contemporary issues with a social message); Debate (Topics are provided minimum 7 days before); Play reading/sruti natok; Elocution/speech (Topics selected by respective judges and students are allowed for a lottery system for the topics given with selection allowance of topic for a couple of times);  Poster presentation (Theme based); Spot Reporting/News Reporting and Quiz for every student. These categories of competitions are kept for students keeping in view so that there can be an alternative option for every interested student willing to participate in the competitions. Even a student can participate in more than two categories as well. Both Solo, Duet and Group competitions are kept for them to choose as options from the various categories. Even participation of female students is very much encouraged to open up themselves.

Over the years, Nagar College has fulfilled its mission in encouraging students’ participation in various cultural competitions very actively. The Committee Coordinators and their respective members always have a positive attitude towards the students for enrolling their names in such cultural competitions and programmes. We motivate students to shed their inhibitions and come forward so that it develops their self-confidence and passion for something in a very well-developed manner. A student’s participation in extra-curriculum alongside academics is very much needed indeed for better developmental activity, broad-mindedness, understanding of social relevance in contemporary times and also to let them free their mental status from any sort of biasness. The Cultural sub-committee also arranges and organizes these activities in order to help increase rational and critical thinking yet keeping alive the moral traditions amongst students instead of only believing in social dogmas.

Throughout the year, the sub-committee also arranges and celebrates other one-day programmes in the form of small functions and lecture delivery as well. Flexes are arranged to highlight the programmes in a more visual manner. Even, Nagar College celebrates/observes certain events or   dates to commemorate the Birth and Death anniversary of eminent and noble personalities and celebrates dates of National/International importance as well.


 Smt. Ananya Sarkar


Cultural Sub-Committee